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This Is When Joan Lunden Went Into “Warrior Mode”

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TV moderator, broadcast journalist, writer, Joan Landen Spent 17 years co-hosting ABC Good morning, America (GMA) In the 80’s and 90’s. After she left the show in 1997, she spent her next few years writing and she became a correspondent for NBC in 2014. today.. But that same year, Runden was blinded by her shocking diagnosis: she learned that she had an aggressive form of cancer in her right breast. Landen, who decided to win the fight against cancer, said she dealt with her by entering “warrior mode” the moment she took bold and decisive action. Read to hear about her decision to “take control of her” and what she wants other women to know now.

When Runden was Diagnosed with breast cancer, The news came as a big shock. Her medical team is not one for her, 2 A tumor in her right breast — one is a triple-negative tumor and the other is a type of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). “I always thought of myself as a picture of my health. I had never dealt with a major illness. And frankly, my family had no history of breast cancer and was immune to the illness. I felt and lived my life, “she said. today “From the moment I hear the words’you have breast cancer’, everything that was once normal feels like it’s been washed away,” she added.

In this confused state, Landen then had to navigate a series of difficult decisions about her treatment strategy. “After you hear those words, I met various opinions Star told Cancer Connect in 2020. “I asked for the second and third opinions, but everyone had different views. At some point it was put back in your hands and eventually you made a decision about treatment. You have to, “she said.

After collecting all the information, Lunden chose “aggressive chemotherapy” to shrink the tumor before following up with surgery and additional radiation therapy. She described the decision as “overwhelming” and “really scary,” but ultimately saved her life.

Joan Landen

Landen says her breast cancer was rarely found by her doctor who saw nothing important during her annual mammogram of the year she was diagnosed. “I attended regular mammograms, as I did every year, which was always nerve-wracking because I was always recalled for more images,” she said. today.. “After all, there is a dense fibrous breast tissue that can hide the cancer with a mammogram.”

The GMA The host has decided to follow up with ultrasound, which has a high success rate of cancer detection. “And thank you for what I did. I went out of the mammogram in good health, but ultrasound revealed that I had an aggressive form of breast cancer. did.”

Joan Landen

For Landen, a firm sense of optimism was essential to recovery. She made her think about the possibility of dying in her own condition for a moment, and she said, “She decided not to go there again. It’s better to stay in her thinking process of defeating this no matter what. I’m glad, “she said.While talking to today.

In fact, Lunden says there was a moment when she began to focus on her survival alone. “Before I lost my hair, I decided to take control and shave my head. That was the moment I entered” warrior mode. ” I decided to fight and believe it was okay. For me, it was a powerful tool for my healing. ”

Joan Landen

Despite the endangerment of her life itself, Lunden says losing hair after her diagnosis was one of her greatest concerns. “Honestly, when I was sitting opposite a breast surgeon who had just had a biopsy and was told that I had triple-negative breast cancer and needed aggressive chemotherapy, the first question was.” Do you mean losing your hair? She shared with Cancer Connect.

She now sees encouraging other women to let go of their stigma as an important part of her defense. “I’m not going to lie. It’s really weird to lose hair. Hair is a very important part of how you look and feel,” she admitted. today.. “Remember, you are still you, you may not look exactly like you for a while.”

Runden, the week of her surgery bald pose for the cover people Magazines in the hope of encouraging others to put their health before their hangs. “I know there are women who really say no to chemotherapy because they are so worried about losing their hair. Does it surprise me because of what the alternatives are? I die. I was completely bald during the treatment, but now my hair is back. And I’m here. I’m alive today. I’m one of the lucky guys. I look back on the fight against cancer. , Can be seen as the curve of the road, which is the chapter of my story that survived. ”

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