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Kit For Early Detection Of Cervical Cancer

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Baddara: More than 60,000 women die from cervical cancer each year in the country, even though the World Health Organization (WHO) calls for a global eradication of fatigue by 2030. The main reason is the delay in detecting cervical cancer. I am reluctant to go through the process of collecting samples at the hospital.
Thanks to the efforts of city-based start-ups, women are now able to collect samples to test themselves, even from the comfort of their home.
Pragmatech Healthcare Solutions – a startup emerged by Anirban Palit, Sayantani Pramanik, Palna Patel, and Dr Bhagirath Modi – is testing the self-sampling kit Cervicheck. This kit can be used by women everywhere, even in camping and similar environments. Screening women for human papillomavirus, which is involved in more than 95% of cases of cervical cancer.
Palit worked in the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) industry for about 10 years, and his wife, Pramanik, worked in the research and development field of a major domestic pharmaceutical company. Patel is a prominent lawyer and social worker, and Modi is a veteran obstetrician and gynecologist.
Palit said self-sampling kits are available abroad for screening purposes to test women for HPV, while Cervicheck can collect enough samples for further testing. “Many women do not return to the triage test if they are found to be HPV positive. You can also perform a triage test using the samples collected using the kit,” he said. ..
Patel pointed out that women need to feel embarrassed longer because they can comfortably collect samples anytime, anywhere. “They can do so at home and we aim to ensure that samples are collected from their homes and tested in the lab. Startups collect samples at the front door. And for that test, we are working with a chain lab.
Palit said it received grants from Pune’s venture center for 30 rupees, HDFC Smart-up CSR Grant for 20 rupees and a variety of other sources while bootstrapping the 15 rupees fund. The startup went beyond self-sampling kits to begin work on screening assays after receiving a rupee 500,000 biotechnology industry research support council (BIRAC) ignition grant.
“This assay will be a point-of-care test that can detect precancerous cells,” Palit said.
The self-sampling kit is the first proprietary kit developed in India with critical clinical evaluation approval from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO). It is being evaluated at SSG Hospital in Vadodara and Playas Amrita in Pune. Palit said the trial is expected to end in July.
They are targeting launch in January next year.

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