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‘I Feel Like I Already Won’: Chehalis Cancer Survivor Representing Lewis County in Washington America Pageant

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Cheryl Myers didn’t expect her to model and compete on the Washington, American pageant, but she was alone at the age of 53.

However, after fighting cervical cancer in 2020 and relapsed in 2021, Myers completely embraced the second chance in his life and decided to try something new.

“It really gives you time to think and you are very grateful for your life,” she said of cancer. “So I wondered what I wanted to do. I’m not young anymore. But what do you know? I’ll try a few.”

In his post-cancer treatment retrospective, Myers recalled meeting a woman a few years ago who held the title of Mrs. Washington and encouraged Myers to run for that title.

“Looking back,” Why didn’t you do that? I wish I had it. “And that was what I thought,” You know, maybe I’m a pageant. I was able to try it, “she said.

Myers, a single mother living in Chehalis, was disqualified from Mrs. Washington when she decided to try Pageant, but a quick Google search revealed a single, widow, and divorced woman who divorced from the age of 18. It turned out that there was a “mistake” equivalent to. 60.

Myers will submit an application for Miss Washington for America Strong a few days before the April 15 deadline.

She represents Lewis County competing for the title of Miss Washington at the Washington America Pageant on July 9th in Bellevue. The winner will represent Washington State later this year with the Miss America Strong Pageant.

In its fourth year this year, Miss America Strong Pageant said, “Efforts to find the most skilled single, divorced, or widowed women who are eligible to compete for respected titles,” according to the Pageant website. “is.

She feels like a vulnerable person compared to some of the younger athletes who have more pageant experience and more money at their disposal, but Myers has her experience running her own races. He said he is focused on enjoying.

“I was able to go out and go to the event and wear a crown. It’s so cool that little kids come in and want to take pictures with me,” she said. rice field. “I feel like I’m already a winner. I’m just trying to focus on the positives. This is a great experience. I feel like I’ve won or lost or I’ve already won. increase.”

Myers is using the Miss America Strong Platform to raise awareness of uterine cancer, which was unfamiliar until January 2020 when it was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

At that time, Myers had many health problems over the years.

“They didn’t understand it,” she said.

Uterine cancer was in stage 3 and had spread to the cervix, lymph nodes, and muscles when the doctor determined the cause of her medical problems.

“I had a pretty tough fight,” she said. “At some point things didn’t look good. The doctor let me do my will and let me sign the adult guardianship system so that my son could make my decisions and things. So I didn’t really think I was here yet. ”

But when she finished the chemotherapy, her scan was clearly back.

“I just felt like,’Oh, that’s what I get a second chance in my life,'” she said.

Just as she began to live her life, Myers received catastrophic news: cancer is back.

“Recurrent cervical cancer is often an incurable disease, so it was really terrible news to hear it,” she said. “But I didn’t go to Google. I tried to stay positive … I have to focus on living my life.”

After she finished radiation therapy a few months ago, her scan returned without cancer.

“I have a high risk of it recurring, but I thought,’I need to live a busy life, so I don’t concentrate on dying,'” she said.

The pageant is partly about beauty pageants, but its main element is to emphasize women and the work they do in the community to promote the causes of their passion.

“I met such an amazing woman doing this,” she added. And she thought, “This would be a great way to raise awareness of my cause of uterine cancer.”

One of her frustrations during her cancer treatment was the lack of resources available to uterine cancer patients. Especially in comparison to the resources available to patients with more “popular” cancers such as breast cancer.

“I know so many women get mammograms and check their breasts, but most women know nothing about gynecologic cancer. I didn’t,” she said. rice field.

If Myers and her doctor were more aware of uterine cancer when they first examined her symptoms, Myers believes her cancer was detected earlier and easier to treat.

“I don’t want other women to experience it,” she said.

Myers launched a website, spot4acure.com, to share her story and raise awareness of uterine cancer.

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