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Exposure to parabens may be the reason for higher breast cancer risk in Black women

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According to a new study published Sunday at ENDO 2022, the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society in Atlanta, Georgia, a chemical called paraben in widely used hair and personal care products is a black woman. Has a detrimental effect on breast cancer cells.

One in eight women in the United States will have breast cancer for life. Black women are at increased risk of developing breast cancer under the age of 40 than other racial and ethnic groups.

One of the reasons for the high risk of breast cancer may be exposure to harmful chemicals called endocrine disruptors in hair and personal care products. These chemicals mimic the effects of hormones on the body. ”

Dr. Lindsey S. Treviño, Principal Investigator, City of Hope, Los Angeles, CA

Parabens are endocrine disruptors and are commonly used as preservatives in hair and other personal care products. Parabens grow, infiltrate, and spread breast cancer cells, expressing genes related to cancer and hormonal action. Importantly, a study looking for products free of parabens and other harmful chemicals revealed that there are few paraben-free options sold to black women.

“Black women are more likely to buy and use hair products that contain these types of chemicals, but there isn’t much data on how parabens increase the risk of breast cancer in black women,” Treviño said. Says. “This is because black women were not selected to participate in most of the research studies examining this link. Also, studies testing this link used only white women’s breast cancer cell lines. increase.”

A new study tested the effects of parabens on breast cancer cells in black women. Researchers have discovered that parabens promote the growth of black breast cancer cell lines. This effect was not seen with the tested doses of white breast cancer cell lines. Parabens increased the expression of genes associated with hormonal action in breast cancer cell lines in both black and white women. Parabens also promoted the spread of breast cancer cells and were more effective in black breast cancer cell lines.

“These results provide new data that parabens also have a detrimental effect on breast cancer cells in black women,” says Treviño.

This study is part of a community-led project called the Bench to Community Initiative (BCI), which brings together scientists and community members (including breast cancer survivors) to black women with breast cancer.

“This project focuses on black women, but all the knowledge we have about the link between exposure to harmful chemicals in personal care products and the risk of breast cancer is that they are at high risk of breast cancer. It can be used to help women in breast cancer, “says Treviño.

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