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DCGI’s expert panel recommends SII’s qHPV vaccine for cervical cancer patients

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On June 15, the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) Subject Expert Committee to produce India’s first indigenous-developed 4-valent human papillomavirus vaccine (qHPV) for cervical cancer aged 9-26 years. , Recommended to grant market approval to Serum Institute of India (SII). Group, news agency ANI reported.

At the beginning of June 8, SII Director Prakash Kumar Singh applied to DCGI for market approval of qHPV after completing Phase 2/3 clinical trials. To ensure early availability in the country, he completed the trial with the support of the biotechnology sector.

“The qHPV vaccine CERVAVAC showed a strong antibody response to all target HPV types at all doses and age groups, nearly 1,000 times higher than baseline,” Singh said in his application. increase.

“The Subject Expert Committee (SEC) on CDSCO’s COVID-19, which discussed the application on Wednesday, recommended giving the Serum Institute market approval to produce qHPV for cervical cancer,” news agency PTI said in an official source. Stated.

At the beginning of June 8, SII gave a presentation in front of the HPV Working Group, individually organized by NTAGI, to confirm the vaccine data and usefulness.

Hundreds of thousands of women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and several other cancers each year, and the mortality rate is very high, Shin said in his application. In India, cervical cancer is ranked as the second most common cancer among women aged 15-44 years.

“It is also worth noting that now our country is completely dependent on foreign manufacturers for HPV vaccines, in line with the philosophy of our group and our CEO, Adar. Under the leadership of Dr. C Poonawalla, it has always been our effort to make it available. We provide high quality “Made in India” vaccines at an affordable price for people in our country and around the world. ” Said Shin in the application.

In the application, Sigh also added the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” quotient, claiming that it was India’s first life-saving qHPV vaccine for indigenous peoples. He also argued that this vaccine would ensure prevention of cancer caused by the human papillomavirus (type 6, 11, 16, 18) vaccine recombinants

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