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Community steps in to help Edmonton couple living with cancer diagnosis

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A couple of Edmonton celebrated their wedding day in front of family friends on the weekends after being diagnosed with a catastrophic cancer.

Stasha Vollman and Jason Storey fell in love when they worked together seven years ago. They mixed their families and started living together, but they didn’t have the money to formally tie a knot.

“We’ve already felt like a family for a long time,” Jason told Global News.

A year ago, Stasha learned that she had terminal cancer. It affected her eyesight and her lungs, bones, liver and brain.

“This is one of the strongest women I have met in my life,” Jason said.

“If someone fights it and she’s going to stick with it as much as she can … it’s her.”

Edmonton couple plans perfect proposal after catastrophic cancer diagnosis

In February, without time to save, Jason approached a jewelry store in the Bonnie Doon shopping center in southeastern Edmonton to discuss a payment plan to buy Stasha’s dream ring.

After listening to them, the owner of the Gold Star Jewelers presented them with a 1.5 carat diamond ring instead.

Custom made diamond ring for Stasha Storey by Gold Star Jewellers.

“We certainly couldn’t afford to have a wedding with such a sudden notice,” Stasha said.

A few months ago, Global News covered the story of a Valentine’s Day couple that caught the attention of caterers and wedding planners.

“Each has provided a service and started the snowball effect,” Jason said.

From food and music to invitations and limousine services, the couple said they received offers from several businesses.


Anonymous angel Organizations that fulfill their wishes for late-stage adults have also helped to cover the costs.

“They spent a lot of money intervening to help us get our dream wedding instead of getting married on the steps of the city hall,” Stasha laughed beside him. , Jason said.

Last Saturday, when the two married in St. Herman’s Orthodox Church in western Edmonton, the dream day came together.

Stasha and Jason Story pose for a wedding photo in Edmonton, Alta. Saturday, June 11, 2022.

Global news

“There are a lot of people in the community who want to be part of our special day and really want it to be a special day for everyone,” Stasha said after tying the knot. ..

“Thank you everyone,” Jason added.

It was a fairy tale day for the couple, and they have been excited about their happiness ever since.

“It’s already great to get married,” Stasha said.

Newlyweds Stasha and Jason Volman stand in front of the Instagram wall in Edmonton, Alta. Saturday, June 11, 2022.

Global news

Since our story first aired in February, Stasha has been receiving rigorous chemotherapy treatment.

“It was pretty aggressive and sometimes not easy,” she said.

“I crossed my fingers because the treatment is working. It’s going to be a tough fight, but I hope I’ll spend a few more years with my kids before it’s all over.”

Now that the wedding is over, the couple plans to rest and relax and make as many memories as possible with their children.

“We will enjoy every minute we are with her.”

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