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Mum diagnosed with terminal cancer as doctors spot symptoms during cesarean

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The new mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer because a doctor discovered her symptoms while she was giving birth. Loiswalker, 37, has been suffering from abdominal pain for 12 months, and she claims she was previously fired by a doctor for “hypochondriasis.”

She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer only when her son Ray was born by caesarean section in September 2021 after a surgeon found cancer in the lining of her ovaries, abdomen and lymph nodes.

The three mothers were first ill in June 2020 when they experienced strange bathroom habits and swelling around the diaphragm. She claims that she called the GP 20 times during the blockade and visited A & E many times, but she was given medicine for anxiety and told to leave dairy products. 

Lois said: They call themselves health professionals and they are supposed to take care of us, but that’s a mistake.

“I didn’t get this late diagnosis because I feel it might have been caught earlier-and I’m leaving three children.

“If the NHS doesn’t admit that things need to change, I’m sorry to everyone and everyone.”

She regularly called a doctor in Worsbrough’s Dove Valley Practices and visited Barnsley Hospital, where she was told she might have irritable bowel syndrome.

Lois continued to call his doctor because his symptoms worsened, but he claims that he provided medicine for hypochondriasis.

She states: “I went to the doctor and I couldn’t say anything new because I always had the same symptoms. They treated me with antacids.

“Then they were told that it could be health anxiety, so they put me in citalopram.

“I was already suffering from skin cancer, so I told my doctor,” Do you think I could get cancer? ”

“And he said,” Oh, that’s just you getting older, and your body doesn’t work well. ”

Lois learned that she was pregnant in December 2020, and 14 weeks later she felt terrible pain at the Gender Party.

She states: “I couldn’t cope with this pain. The more I got pregnant, the more intolerable it became. I couldn’t walk or eat.

“According to the doctor, he weighed the same as he did 12 months ago, and at this point he was 9 months pregnant, but the alarm clock didn’t ring.”

Lois told the doctor that when the pain became intolerable, she was finally ready to commit suicide if she didn’t take her concerns seriously.

She was admitted to the hospital for pain management, where she was given morphine, but she says no detailed doctors had investigated the cause of the pain.

“The last straw was when I had to involve the mental health team because I said I had reached the stage where I had to end both lives,” Lois added. It’s embarrassing. ”

Later, Royce’s doctor investigated her concerns more thoroughly, found a mass behind the uterus, and gave birth to the baby the next day.

And on September 3, 2021, when she gave birth to her third son, Rei, she learned from the doctor treating her that she was most likely to have cancer.

Lois said: “When they opened me, he said,” Did you think you said you didn’t have abdominal surgery? “And I said I didn’t.

“At that time, they called a few doctors and knew something was found.

“They basically said that my abdomen was so sick that I had to do a biopsy and I had to wait, but I knew it anyway.”

Despite receiving six chemotherapy and two surgeries shortly after diagnosis, Royce is said to have spread the cancer, which will be in the final stages.

She states: “My liver was fused to the diaphragm, so I needed to reduce it. My bladder was fused behind my uterus, so I needed to reduce it, and my ovaries were all fused. was doing.

“Then there was catastrophic news that it was also in my gut, my stomach, and my liver. Obviously, that’s never a good thing-they are my major I need. It’s an organ. ”

“No matter how long I stay, it’s just a comfortable life, and that’s where we are at that moment.”

When asked to comment, a Dove Valley Practice spokesman said:

“We conducted a review of Walker’s care and test referrals and shared the findings with her at that time.

“We welcome anyone who has concerns about the care they have received to stay in touch with us so that we can investigate.

“Unfortunately, due to confidentiality, I can’t comment any further.”

A spokesman for the Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We are concerned about the care we receive to contact the patient advice and complaint team in order to investigate the patient’s concerns and ensure that they act in a timely and appropriate manner. Welcome.”

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