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Cancer: How to cope with the fear of recurrence

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Cancer recurrence refers to the possibility that the cancer will come back in the body after it has been completely treated. Local recurrence refers to cancer that recurs in the same place as the original cancer, and distant recurrence means that the cancer spreads to organs or tissues far away from the original cancer. Survivors of completely cured cancer often experience anxiety and fear of recurrence. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr. Dhanya KS, a radiation oncologist at the American Oncology Institute in Calicut, talked about ways to reduce or address the risk of recurrence in cancer survivors.

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Follow-up care plan: “There is a protocol for follow-up for all cancers. Follow the protocol. Follow the advice of oncologists and perform appropriate investigations during follow-up,” said Dr. Dhanya KS.

Recognize emotions: When cancer patients survive, they also begin to worry about the recurrence of the disease. Fear and anxiety are common in patients. However, they should inform their health team of the same and take appropriate action.

Don’t ignore the fear: “Patients cannot ignore fear by criticizing it. These emotions do not go away. Accepting an experience of fear while focusing on how to manage anxiety is the survival of the patient. Help with your journey. Keep in mind that anxiety can increase temporarily at certain times. For example, if a patient requires a follow-up imaging scan, a follow-up lab test, a doctor’s consultation, You may experience anxiety on the anniversary of your diagnosis, or when someone else is diagnosed with a new cancer, “said Dr. Dhanya KS.

Cancer Survivor Program: Participating in such a program helps reduce the loneliness of being a cancer survivor. The Cancer Survivor Program also allows people to discuss practical information and suggestions and share fears and anxieties about recurrence.

Healthy choice: It is important to incorporate healthy habits such as a healthy diet, regular exercise and good sleep. This in turn helps a person feel better physically and mentally.

Reduce stress: The secret to reducing stress is spending time with family and friends, focusing on hobbies and other fun activities, walking, meditating, enjoying the bath, reading interesting books, interesting shows For example, to see.

Enough information: A medical professional who knows the patient’s medical history can inform them about the possibility of the cancer recurring. It can also show signs and symptoms to look for. It is important to see a doctor immediately if symptoms persist or worsen over time.

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