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Aspirus offers clinical trails for cancer patients

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Aspirus is participating in clinical trials that give patients hope when other medical interventions are inadequate, intolerable, or there are currently no viable options available.

Exams are offered at Aspirus Wausau, Aspirus Riverview, Aspirus Langlade, and Aspirus Medford Cancer Center. Aspirus Stevens Point Cancer Care will offer clinical trials in the future.

Clinical trials focus on evaluating new cancer treatments, control of cancer symptoms, cancer screening, cancer prevention and monitoring, and how cancer treatments are offered.

Aspirus is part of an organization called CROWN, The Cancer Research of Wisconsin, and the Northern Michigan Consortium. Three collaborations of Wisconsin’s largest cancer treatment programs that provide medical research for clinical trials. Over 2,000 people have been successfully registered through CROWN.

All clinical trials have undergone extensive research and each patient is closely monitored by a research nurse who provides concierge-type nursing.

For more information on Aspirus Clinic Trials, please visit: www.aspirus.org/clinical-trials..

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