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Retired doctors riding for brain cancer research

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Photographs submitted Photographs are Dr. Joe Tedesco (left) and Dr. Grant Stevenson riding bicycles nationwide to support brain tumor research at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Since April 30, two retired doctors have traveled the United States by bicycle.

Grant Stevenson, a retired doctor from Westfield, and his companion Joe Tedesco, another retired doctor who lived in Erie, Pennsylvania but now lives in Arizona, are at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center in Phoenix. Started a trip to raise money for. It was where Nate Tomlin, a friend of Tedesco, Arizona, was treated for brain cancer after being diagnosed seven years ago.

“This is the trip I’ve always wanted to do.” Tedesco said. “I haven’t had the opportunity until now. My friend Nate, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, gave me the opportunity to raise money by linking the place he was being treated with the brain tumor. I’ve known Nate for 30 years, but he’s only 35 years old. He’s very excited about this and helped with the ride to link to fundraising. We’re it. Got the foundation for setting up. “

Stevenson and Tedesco didn’t know each other before they left together.

“I happened to know his brother.” Stevenson said. “One day (Tedesco) said he was doing this, so I wanted to join a part of it. My wife, Amy, should do everything if I’m going to do it. So I met him for the first time on April 29th and left on April 30th. “

The pair will depart Santa Monica, CA on April 30 and will ride together for about eight weeks. When talking to the post journal, they were stopped in Wooster, Ohio, the tenth of the 15 states planned for two people to travel.

Neither Stevenson nor Tedesco have ever rode such a vehicle. Both enjoy meeting new people along the way.

“One of our favorites is to get up, run 20 or 30 miles, and find a cafe to stop by for breakfast.” Stevenson said. “We met so many interesting people in that way, and we can hear them.”

Stevenson said that when he had breakfast in Ohio one morning, one cafe didn’t serve breakfast, so he called another nearby to see if it was still open.

“I just found it interesting that they actually did it for us.” Stevenson said. “It’s great to meet people and listen to them along the way. It was a very interesting and wonderful experience.”

Tedesco agreed that the experience was worth it.

“This is what I always wanted to do.” Tedesco said. “I tell people, if you have a dream, go out and make it happen.”

The pair of riders finished their ride at Crane Beach, Massachusetts and were scheduled to return to Westfield last Saturday.

Visit whereisjoesbike.com for more information on their trips and donations.

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