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Pharmacists to assess cancer symptoms and refer patients to specialists

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People with potential signs of cancer can be evaluated and referred for hospital examinations at high street pharmacies under the new NHS program to speed up the diagnosis of the disease.

This plan means that people in the UK with symptoms of lumps, coughs, bleeding, or other cancers will no longer need to see a general practitioner before being referred to a specialist. It will remove some of the burden on the family doctor in difficult situations and give the patient another option.

In a speech on Tuesday, NHS Angland CEO Amanda Pritchard announced the initiative to thousands of senior healthcare staff at the organization’s annual meeting.

Pritchard has claimed it as a major innovation that will help achieve the goal of increasing the number of cancers found in the early, more treatable stages by 2028 from half to three-quarters. With other European countries.

Hundreds of pharmacists are interested in becoming the first people trained to take on this new role. They can refer people who may have symptoms to be a sign of cancer to undergo diagnostic tests such as scans and endoscopy.

This scheme initially serves as a pilot in a number of private UK regions.

However, general practitioner leaders warned that pharmacists could miss cases of cancer unless they were trained to detect the same level of illness as their doctors.

Pritchard also revealed that people who may have liver cancer, which is closely associated with high alcohol consumption, will be able to scan behind the truck from this month. They are parked near general practitioner surgery, in the center of town, in supermarkets, near homeless hostels and food banks, and seek advice for months after the onset of cancer symptoms, such as men and people in poor areas. Encourage groups that often do not. ..

A similar initiative discovered a large number of cases of lung cancer earlier than if stakeholders eventually discussed their concerns with their GP. NHS England is also launching a new program of genetic testing for breast cancer gene mutations among Jewish heritage people who are 10 times more likely to have the breast cancer gene than the general public.

“From liver trucks traveling across the country to genetic and high-street checks, we want to make it as easy as possible for the most endangered people to undergo important and life-saving tests,” said the NHS boss in Liverpool. Said in.

Cancer charities said the plan could lead to a quicker diagnosis. “By changing the way people engage in medical services, we may help them diagnose more cancers at an earlier, more treatable stage,” said Michelle Mitchell, CEO of Cancer Research UK. I am saying.

Nick James, a professor of prostate and bladder cancer research at the Institute of Cancer Research, states that pharmacist assessments can lead to inadequate records of early diagnosis of NHS. For many of these patients, their cancer spreads and they are less likely to survive.

“The UK lags behind many other European countries in terms of cancer survival. Innovative medical initiatives that help facilitate early diagnosis of cancer should be strongly supported.”

Dr. Richard Van Melalz, Executive Team Member of the GP Committee of the British Medical Association, welcomed this initiative. “It makes sense to have more trained staff throughout the community to detect signs of cancer,” he said, adding: Missed. “

Professor Martin Marshall, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said:

“It is important that pharmacists participating in this program receive appropriate training and support to identify potential signs of cancer and support patients who may have concerns or anxieties. Have sufficient capacity to cope with the increase. Demand for existing backlogs. “

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