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Supply at Davenport-based blood center ‘approaching critical levels’

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Blood is drawn in the cooling room of the warehouse management and distribution area ready for shipment or local use at Impact Life in Davenport. Due to the very low blood supply levels, Impact Life requires residents to donate blood during June.


ImpactLife updated the call for donors from all over Davenport and Quad Cities on the eve of World Blood Donor Day on Tuesday.

According to blood banks, ImpactLife faces an “urgent need for additional donors” as blood donations declined in the first few weeks of the summer.

ImpactLife is a non-profit community organization that provides blood services to 124 hospitals in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin. It operates 22 donor centers and donates about 5,000 mobile blood annually. ImpactLife provides the blood components needed for patient transfusions in hospitals throughout the Quad-Cities region.

ImpactLife’s offices are located in Davenport. 5500 Lake View Park Way and 1320 W. Kimberly Road, Suite No.12. The location of Moleen is at 3600 16th St.

Representatives of both local hospital systems touched on the important role that blood donation plays in the treatment and emergency care of cancer patients.

“Patients fighting cancer need more blood and blood products than those fighting other dreadful illnesses. Diagnosis of cancer can scare people and their families and has safe access to blood. I want to keep them out of their concerns, “said Dr. Costas Constantinou of UnityPoint Health-Trinity Medical Oncology & Hematology Clinic. “By giving blood, you give cancer patients and others a chance to fight, hope and a wonderful gift of life.”

Dr. Kurt Andersen pointed out the general need for blood supply.

Andersen, Chief Medical Officer of Genesis Health Systems, said: “We need everyone in the community to be able to donate blood and continue to donate blood over and over again. Blood donation is safe and easy. Ask others to donate blood. I hope that by adding a voice, it will be available to many people. The reservation space will be full. ”

To set the schedule, call ImpactLife ((800) 747-5401) and visit the following website: www.bloodcenter.org. Download the Impact Life mobile app with, or. www.bloodcenter.org/app.

World Blood Donor Day was launched to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products. June 14th commemorates the birth of Dr. Karl Landsteiner, whose research identifies the major blood types A, B, AB, O, and the Rh factor in the blood. I did.

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