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Intermountain offers free electric vehicle charging stations

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On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, pedestrians crossed the viaduct on 24th Avenue in downtown Ogden, where air pollution made it nearly impossible to see elsewhere in the city and the surrounding mountains. rice field.

As part of a pilot project, Intermountain Healthcare offers free electric vehicle charging at all Utah facilities.

Intermountain hospitals and clinics throughout the state have 156 private electric vehicle parking spaces. The goal is to make charging convenient for patients and caregivers while collecting data on frequency of use. Intermountain also wants to continue its efforts to improve sustainability and air quality.

Glen Garrick, Sustainability Director at Intermountain Healthcare, said:

The Utah State Department of Health has identified air pollution as a major environmental risk and suffers from asthma, heart disease, heart attack, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer. Exposure to environmental pollutants can also contribute to the consequences of unfavorable childbirth. Vehicle emissions are the leading cause of deterioration of air quality along the Wasatch Front, accounting for up to 39% of all anthropogenic air pollution.

If you don’t own an electric car, there are ways to help reduce air pollution.according to Stop Global Destruction, the greatest thing that non-profit organizations can do to “fight around the world to stop or delay the ever-increasing negative effects of humans on Earth” is to reduce driving and increase carpooling.

The electric vehicle charging station will be located outside Roy’s Southwest Branch Weber County Library on Monday, December 16, 2019.

Also, do not idle the car, make sure the tires are inflated properly, adjust the car, boat, or other engine appropriately, and if possible, ride a bus, bike, or destination. It is advisable to consider walking to.

You can also monitor daily levels of particulate matter, a complex aerial mixture of solid particles and droplets. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality operates when the air quality is good and when it is dangerous.

“This project will help us identify where we see the most uses and where we may need more charging stations,” Garrick said.

Recent investments and grants have allowed Intermountain to add new charging stations to its facility. Garrick said these numbers are expected to increase once the project is complete.

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