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Impact Journals sponsors 2022 Ride for Roswel

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Image: Impact Journals has been sponsoring Ride for Roswell since 2018. This year, Impact Journals continues to sponsor Team Open Access, the Peloton of Captain Sergei Kurenov.

The Ride Roswell Is one of the largest cycling events in the country Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center— To raise awareness and funding for cancer research and patient care. Based in Buffalo, NY, this charity bike ride has been working together for 26 years to bring people together, celebrate cancer survivors, pay homage to lost lives, support research, and find cures. I did.

When the door was opened to Buffalo in 1898, the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center An institution focused on the first cancer research in the world. Currently, the facility is one of four comprehensive cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute in New York. Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center US News & World Report As one of the best cancer hospitals in the United States.

Origin of the ride

Ride for Roswell started in 1989 when Mitch Flynn, owner of advertising agency Flynn & Friends, met Katherine Gioia. Catherine was a 4-year-old patient fighting a rare form of cancer.After her death (within a year of her diagnosis), Catherine’s mother Ann Joia and her aunt Donna Joia Roswell Park Alliance Foundation In her memory, she raised funds for cancer research and treatment. On June 29, 1996, Mitch and Alliance Foundation staff began Roswell’s first ride.

Over the 26 years since then, Ride for Roswell has raised more than $ 60 million to fund cancer research, thanks to more than 120,000 riders and thousands of volunteers. This event has become one of the largest one-day charity rides in the United States.

this year

This year’s event Buffalo University Saturday, June 25, 2022. In addition, riders can ride their way during the summer. There are eight Ride for Roswell routes that start and end at the university on the North Campus of Buffalo. Riding Roswell in either way can make a difference to cancer patients.

Impact journal He has been attending this event since 2018 and continues to sponsor Team Open Access, the Peloton of Captain Sergei Kurenov. Team Open Access is named after the following open source online medical journals: Onco target When aging. Sergei creates, develops, and implements innovative diagnostic and surgical pre-planning software used to treat cancer at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. He has been attending the event since 2016.

“This year we have created a team supported by the open source cancer-related scientific journals Oncotarget and Aging, both of which are of general interest and biology in all areas of cancer research. We publish important and influential research papers, “says Sergei.

Participate in team open access

We still have time to join TeamOpenAccess and Ride for Roswell this summer.You can also support your team Donate Of any size. The means of support you can choose to donate to Ride for Roswell will make a difference and change your life.

“Supporting me at TheRideForRoswell can make a difference and move our work forward. Funding supports cutting-edge research and compassionate and innovative patient care programs at Roswell Park. Increased through the ride. Consider donating today, “Sergei said. “Together, we can find a cure for cancer and help save the lives of people diagnosed with cancer.”

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