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Experts alert increase in cancer cases, deaths

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• Cancer kills 10,000 Nigerians and afflicts 250,000 new people each year
• LUTH doctors request FG to include cancer treatment in the National Health Insurance system

According to statistics, about 10,000 cancer deaths are recorded each year and 250,000 new cases are recorded, so medical professionals say that the burden of cancer in the country is worsening and increasing. I’m warning you.

To make cancer diagnosis, treatment, and care cheaper and available to everyone in need, they have requested the federal government to include procedures in the National Health Insurance System (NHIS).

Francis A. Durosinmi-Etti, a clinical radiation oncologist, and Chris Bode, pediatric surgeon / chief medical director of Idi-Araba, a pediatric surgeon / Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), said: “Management” at the 2nd International Scientific Conference states that cancer is not a cheap disease to “cure” because it requires millions of Nyra to treat and many citizens cannot afford it. I did. The number of deaths recorded annually in the country.

On May 24th and 25th, 2022, a two-day conference was held on the theme of “Advances in Cancer Management in the 21st Century”.

“We are calling for participation in any way to reduce the burden of cancer treatment in Nigeria with the help of the government and other insurance organizations,” said Durosinmi-Etti. I am saying.

Cancer experts say: “Breast and cervical cancers are the most common types of cancer in women, accounting for more than 50% of all cancer cases, and prostate cancer is the major cancer in men.

“For all men over the age of 40, it’s important to pay attention to the prostate, but not all prostate-related problems are cancerous. Women also have breast, cervical, and anal areas. You need to be aware of the signs of cancer and quickly detect the signs of cancer.

“Fighting cancer requires the efforts of a team because it is not the job of a single person. Medical professionals need to get together, involve other specialists, and involve patients. Can be treated more appropriately and healed earlier.

“For those who cannot heal, they have a longer lifespan and a better quality of life because they can work effectively.”

He praised the government’s efforts in establishing medical centers in different parts of the country. He also praised several non-governmental organizations dedicated to cancer prevention and early diagnosis.

“Previously, there were not enough facilities to manage these patients, but local and international, such as the government, the International Anatomical Organization, the World Health Organization (WHO), and many other organizations. Thanks to God for the efforts of other private organizations. More facilities with functional equipment will help train more people in the profession, “he said.

Durosinmi-Etti called for increased awareness from governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and even the public, as the country’s level of awareness of cancer is so low.

When the board is discussing the event, Nigerians have to travel to Ghana and other neighboring countries to access cancer treatment, as it was five to six years ago when Nigeria’s cancer treatment facility broke down. West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, which did not, but today revealed that Nigeria has the best cancer treatment centers, are commendable.

“We’re letting the public know that the services they go abroad and spend thousands of dollars are available and affordable here in the country,” Board said.

He further stated that the government did not rely on oars as more centers were set up in the country.

Meanwhile, in a new study, researchers found that the United States (US) spends twice as much on cancer treatment as the average high-income country, but with only slightly higher mortality.

According to a new analysis by researchers at Yale University and Wasser University, the United States spends twice as much on cancer treatment as the average high-income country, but cancer mortality is only slightly better than average.

The results were announced at the JAMA Health Forum on May 27th.

“There is a general perception that the United States offers the most advanced cancer treatments in the world,” said lead author MD / Ph.D. Ryan Chow. A student at Yale University. “Our system is touted as being able to develop new therapies and deliver them to patients faster than in other countries. A large investment in cancer treatment in the United States actually improves cancer outcomes. I was curious if it was related. ”

Of the 22 high-income countries included in the survey, the United States showed the highest spending rate.

“The United States spends more than $ 200 billion annually on cancer treatment. In other high-income countries, it averages $ 300 per person, compared to about $ 600 per person,” said a professor of medicine. Yes, says Cary Gross, senior author and director of the National. Yale University Clinician Scholarship Program. “This raises an important question: are we getting the value of our money?”

Researchers have found that national cancer treatment costs have nothing to do with population-level cancer mortality.

“In other words, countries that spend more on cancer treatment do not always give better cancer results,” Chow said.

In fact, six countries, Australia, Finland, Iceland, Japan, South Korea and Switzerland, had lower cancer mortality and spending than the United States.

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